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Our Emergency Repair Services

Leaking Pipes

Our Engineers will quickly find and isolate the cause of the leak. If you discover a leak, it is important that you turn off the mains water immediately to temporarily stop the flow of water and help reduce the potential damage. Once you have turned off the mains water, contact us as soon as possible and we aim to have someone at your property within the hour.

When our engineer arrives, they will identify the leak and repair it straight away. As soon as they have repaired the cause of the leak, they will then ensure this is now watertight. We will turn the water back on and test the system to make sure that there are no other leaks in the property.

Faulty Boilers & Radiators

It is quite common for old and low price boilers to break down during the winter months. We know that this is especially worrying for the elderly and young families. It is also quite common for older and poorly maintained radiators to become blocked and faulty. If you are having problems with your Boiler or Central Heating, first of all wrap up and stay warm. Once you’ve ensured that you’re warmed up, contact us as soon as possible and we will aim to be there within the hour.

Once we arrive, our engineer will assess the cause of the problem. Our engineers are all Gas Safe and will work both quickly and safely to identify the problem. We will then repair the problem to get your Boiler and Central Heating on back on as quickly as possible. Your system will be tested more than once before we leave to give you extra peace of mind that the problem is fixed. 

Blocked Pipes

We quite often get called out to blocked pipes. Some of the more serious blockages can cause flooding and major damage to your property. If you have a blockage in your drain, we encourage you to turn off your water as soon as possible to try and keep any damage to a minimum. As soon as you’ve turned the mains water off get in touch with us and we will aim to be at your property within the hour to fix the problem.

Once we arrive at the property, our engineer will locate the blockage. We will then use our specialist equipment to unblock the pipes for you. Once the pipes are unblocked, we can investigate the cause of the blockage. A large blockage can be caused by a combination of small blockages. Our engineers are trained to identify and solve this.

Gas Leaks

If you suspect that you have a Gas Leak in your property, it is important that you turn the mains gas off immediately. Ensure you do this as quickly as possible and open all the windows in the property. We would then recommend that you leave the property before calling us to report the problem. We aim to attend all Gas Leaks within 30 minutes.

Our engineer will arrive at your property and identify the location of the leak. We will work quickly to repair the leak and all of our engineers are Gas Safe. Once we have repaired the problem, we will check your supply using our Gas Leak Detector. This specialist equipment will be able to detect any leaks in your system.  

Heating & Plumbing Services

We offer a huge range of Heating & Plumbing services at a highly competitive rate.

Boiler Installations

Rycon deal with only the best brands when providing and installing boilers and these come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Central Heating Installations

We supply and fit Central Heating systems at the most competitive rates in the industry.

Gas Safety Checks

We can provide Gas Safety Certificates for homeowners and landlords and offer discounts for multiple certificates.

Bathroom Installations

We can carry out full bathroom installs and refurbisments including tiling.

Service & Maintenance

We can carry out regular maintenance and service for your appliances.

Repairs, Leaks & Blockages

Our Emergency Repair services are there for leaks, faults, blockages and anything else.

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